Added Single Layout Option

Hello! In the coming days we will be opening a Google Form to gather feedback on the Pilot, which we will use to improve our future issues. In the meantime, we've released versions of the SFW and NSFW PDFs in single page layout versions. The original versions of the PDFs used a spread/two page layout. Purchasing the Pilot will automatically give you both layout types.

If you have already purchased the Pilot, you can simply download the single page layout versions through your My Purchases page.

Taken from our product page description:

The SFW and NSFW Pilot both come with two versions: a spread layout and a single page layout. The spread layout allows you to view two pages at once for an "open book" experience, while the single page layout is more beneficial for mobile viewing.

We are also looking into releasing the Pilot as an EPUB, though that will take some time, and we can make no guarantees.

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